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  • HR Tip: Additional paid day off July 3, 2023 and campus is OPEN

    Dear colleagues,   A recent email communication from Antonio Farias announced that Governor Polis has granted state employees an additional administrative day for Monday, July 3. You may need to check your junk or other email folders to find it, and the message is also available online here: Email from Antonio Farias on June 9, 2023. …

  • Annual MyLeave Certification Required for All Staff Who Submit Timesheets in MyLeave



    Navigation to Annual Leave Certification Sign into the UCD Access Portal On the CU Resources page (this may be your home page), click on the CU Resources drop-down menu at the top center of the page and select My Info and Pay. 3. Then click on the Annual Leave Certification tile.   Certify Your Leave…

  • Having MyLeave Issues? Try Clearing Your Cache



    Many staff have been reporting issues when using MyLeave this week. An upgrade was performed over the weekend which resulted in some buggy system behavior in MyLeave, HCM and FIN. System recommends clearing your cache to resolve these residual issues. Need help clearing your cache? Check out this guide from UIS.

  • Do you submit a monthly timesheet? Action is required!

    Per Regent Policy for University Staff and Faculty on 12-month appointments, at the beginning of each fiscal year every employee (and their supervisor) will verify their leave balances. Certifying Your Leave Balance as an Employee 1. Navigation (from the portal): My Info and Pay> Annual Leave Certification. The balances that will appear include both sick…

  • Leave Balance Audit — 1 in 4 Affected

    Attention Faculty & Staff that use MyLeave to submit monthly timesheets: SEHD HR performed a detailed department-wide leave audit this month to identify incorrect leave balances that occurred as a result of the launch of a new HR system and portal in December. This audit revealed that 1 in 4 staff in the SEHD had…

  • MyLeave Still Not Fully Functional

    As some of you may have noticed, MyLeave is still not 100% fully functional. The employee leave balances bar, may or may not contain entirely accurate numbers, and it certainly has functionality issues if you are trying to view your leave amounts in the future. We are patiently waiting on Employee Services to fix this…

  • MyLeave Time Approval Overview – Quick Video

    My Leave Time Approval Video from Employee Services on Vimeo. If you run into issues, check out this My Leave FAQ. This includes helpful information to share with your team members, too. You can designate someone to approve transactions on your behalf, known as a “proxy.” Follow this step-by-step guide to set this up.

  • Chancellor Announces Additional Holiday on Christmas Eve

    In the spirit of giving thanks, the University Chancellors have decided to extend the university holiday break again this year by adding one extra holiday for each campus. Staff on the CU Denver campus may now consider Thursday, Dec. 24 an additional holiday. If you had already entered vacation leave for December 24, please remember…