Navigation to Annual Leave Certification

  1. Sign into the UCD Access Portal
  2. On the CU Resources page (this may be your home page), click on the CU Resources drop-down menu at the top center of the page and select My Info and Pay.

3. Then click on the Annual Leave Certification tile.


Certify Your Leave Balances

Confirm that the Ending Balances listed match what is in MyLeave (use July’s Usable Balance Column to cross-reference) and then click on the “I agree with the Certification & OT eligibility statements” before hitting Submit.

**Please review and submit your annual leave certification no later than Tuesday, July 31.**

Supervisors: How to Approve Annual Leave Certification

Supervisors will receive an automated email from the system with a notification that a supervisee has an Annual Leave Report that needs approval.

To approve an Annual Leave Request:

  • Sign into the UCD Access Portal
  • On the CU Resources page (this may be your home page), click on the hamburger button () in the top right corner:
  • Click on CU Resources>Manager>Annual Leave Cert Approval***


  • Select ‘Approve’ in the drop-down box next to the employee’s name where it shows ‘Requested.’
  • Select Submit/Save, and you’re set!
Annual MyLeave Certification Required for All Staff Who Submit Timesheets in MyLeave
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