Leave Balance Audit — 1 in 4 Affected

Attention Faculty & Staff that use MyLeave to submit monthly timesheets:

SEHD HR performed a detailed department-wide leave audit this month to identify incorrect leave balances that occurred as a result of the launch of a new HR system and portal in December. This audit revealed that 1 in 4 staff in the SEHD had a leave balance inaccuracy for one reason or another.

Any employee whose leave balances need to be adjusted (or has been adjusted) has already been notified by Jessica Coon.

Please keep in mind that leave balances in MyLeave may not be entirely accurate. In an email sent by Employee Services on April 15, they confirmed they are researching why leave accruals display incorrectly in the Usable Balance, Taken and Not Taken projection columns in the table above the My Leave calendar.

With the system being unreliable, if you would like a tool to help you track and confirm your hours on the side, please email Jessica.Coon@ucdenver.edu. In order to perform a detailed audit of employee balances, a leave calculation spreadsheet was created for each employee. This can be readily made available to you upon request.

Thank you for your patience as we continue to work out the bugs in the new system.