Do you submit a monthly timesheet? Action is required!

Per Regent Policy for University Staff and Faculty on 12-month appointments, at the beginning of each fiscal year every employee (and their supervisor) will verify their leave balances.

Certifying Your Leave Balance as an Employee
1. Navigation (from the portal): My Info and Pay> Annual Leave Certification.


The balances that will appear include both sick and vacation, but does not reflect any leave (if any) taken during the month of June.

2. If you agree with the balance, select I agree with the Certification & OT eligibility statements and then hit Submit.

Screenshot revised

Supervisors Approving/ Denying Annual Leave Certifications

Supervisors will receive an email notification once an employee has submitted their approval. To approve/deny their requests:

1. Navigation: From the Manager drop-down menu in the portal, select Annual Leave Cert Approval. You will see a list of employees reporting to you and the status of their requests.

Supervisor View

2. Select Approved or Denied for each request.

supervisor list

3. Click Submit. The employee will receive a notification of your action.

Please complete this annual certification request before July 29, 2016.

Email if you have any questions.