Upcoming summer programs with our Learning and Development team

Dear colleagues, although many of us may be taking vacation and time away from work this summer, perhaps it is a good time for some of us to consider professional development courses that are happening during this time of year. I’ll highlight a few upcoming opportunities that may be of interest.  

These and other opportunities are found by scrolling to the calendar area of the Learning & Development website: UC Denver Learning & Development  


Appreciation in the Workplace.  

Jul 12, 2023, 01:00 PM – 03:00 PM. Virtual. Cost/fee: $0 

This workshop utilizes the concepts from the book “The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace – Empowering Organizations by Encouraging People” to understand the impact communicating authentic appreciation can have on an individual, team and organization. 

Who Should Attend 

  • Anyone who supervises/manages Classified Staff, University Staff, and/or Faculty
  • Classified Staff, University Staff, Faculty

Pre-Work: There will be 5 – 15 minutes of pre-work. 


Fundamentals of Continuous Improvement Methodology and Culture. 

Jul 19, 2023, 01:00 PM – 03:00 PM. Virtual. Cost/fee: $0 

The focus of continuous improvement is to increase efficiency across campus so that we can better serve our students, improve workplace satisfaction and be agile as we face the current and future challenges of higher education. This course is designed to provide a foundational understanding of continuous improvement culture and mindset and how those concepts can be applied to our daily work. 

Who Should Attend 

  • Any staff or faculty wanting to learn more about continuous improvement or looking to implement continuous improvement within their department.

Pre-Work: There will be 5 – 15 minutes of pre-work. Details sent prior to session. 


Communicating as a Leader. 

Jul 20, 2023, 09:00 AM – 11:00 AM. Virtual. Cost/fee: $0 

Moving from an individual contributor (the doer) to a lead/management position is more than a step up the ladder, but a jump to an entirely new ladder in terms of skills, motivations, perspectives, responsibilities, and impact to the organization. This seminar helps you to identify key skills for communicating to others in your new role. 

Who Should Attend 

  • Individuals who have recently taken on the position of leading others or those individuals preparing for a lead role in the near future.

Pre-Work: There will be 15 – 30 minutes of pre-work. Details sent prior to session. 


Establishing Self-Trust (Part 1). 

Jul 26, 2023, 01:00 PM – 03:00 PM. Virtual. Cost/fee: $0 

This interactive training course explores FranklinCovey’s First Wave of Trust – Self-Trust. During this course, you will explore the 4-Cores of Credibility and how they affect Self-Trust. 

Who Should Attend 

  • Individuals at all levels of the University who would benefit from having a deeper understanding the importance of self-trust both personally and professionally

Pre-Work: There will be 15 – 30 minutes of pre-work. Details sent prior to session. 


To register from the learning and development home page, click the gray “Register” button below each course description. You will be prompted to log in to your UCD portal and Skillsoft. You will have the opportunity to join a wait list if the class is currently at maximum capacity. 

snippet of the CU learning and development website showing four course tiles happening in July

Questions? Please reach out to sehdhr@ucdenver.edu