HR Tip: W-2s are coming soon. Do you need to update your personal information?

We are approaching the end of another great year! As we are wrapping up 2019, we wanted to bring to your attention a call to update your information in UCD Access/Passport portal. We want to keep your personal information up to date to ensure your contacts can be reached during an emergency, important items get to you by mail and more.  Employee Services will be mailing 2019 W-2s early next year and we want to ensure your information is current and accurate.

Follow the steps below to verify or update this information:

1.      Log into the portal.

2.      Click the CU Resources tab.

3.      Open the top center CU Resources Home drop-down menu, then select My Info and Pay.

4.      Choose the My Info tile.

5.      Click on the arrows in the Home Address and Mailing Address boxes to verify or update your information.

Note for student employees: Updating this information in your student portal does not update it in your employee portal. You must update this information in both portals.

Want to view your pay stubs? Need to update emergency contacts, direct deposit or complete other tasks?  Step by step instructions can also be found here.