HR Reminder: It’s time for staff mid-year performance coaching sessions

Dear supervisors of SEHD staff members,

Incredibly, we are halfway through the performance cycle already! We trust you are meeting with your direct reports regularly. This is a reminder to periodically check-in with your direct reports on their performance goals; at a minimum you should check in at mid-year (July). Please be sure to keep notes of your performance check-ins.

Refer to the employee’s professional plan to gauge progress. Ask what is going well? What is not? Is there anything you can do to remove roadblocks or help get something off the ground? Are there any areas of concern that you need to discuss with your employee?

The Professional Plan:
• is designed to capture the scope of an employee’s day-to-day tasks as well as at least three goals or areas of focus for the year
• provides indicators that will demonstrate evidence of an employee’s success at the end of the performance cycle
• should address any areas of concern or growth on which an employee should be focusing
• should be referred to throughout the year to gauge employee progress
• new format includes Core Competencies (Problem Solving/Decision Making, Communication and Interpersonal Skills, Collaboration/Teamwork, Customer Service, Inclusiveness, Accountability). A supervisor may ask an employee to focus on strengthening a core competency during a performance cycle period, or an employee may ask their supervisor if they can/should focus on strengthening a core competency.

Please contact if you have any questions, or you may call Theresa Anderson at 303.315.6331.

We hope you’re enjoying your summer!