SEHD Wellness Initiative Groups

This is our last reminder to sign up for our Wellness Initiative Groups (as mentioned in the retreat). See below!

In the interest building social capital (view the Super Chickens TEDTalk here!) within SEHD and promoting our new Wellness Initiative, we’d like to connect you with others from SEHD who have like interests that promote wellness for our MIND, BODY and SOUL. Movement and exercise, mindfulness, optimal nutrition and social connectivity are all supported by evidence as ways of creating and maintaining growth in wellness and happiness. Click on the tabs at the bottom to view the wellness groups for MIND, BODY and SOUL.

These groups were suggestions from our last staff meeting and ideas from SEHD Staff Advisory Council. Please view the groups on each tab, add your name to any group you’re interested in and we’ll connect you with those in that group. If there are additional groups you’d like to add, please do so!

Our hope is that different groups of people will come together and get to know each other through the lens of similar interests! Through the exchange of knowledge, we can promote and support lifelong growth, happiness, creativity, inner peace, compassion and wisdom. As a result, creating social capital and wellness in our workspace.

Click here to view our Wellness Initiative Groups!

Your SEHD Staff Advisory Council

Shakira Anderson | Rachel J. Cornelius | Lindsay Harn | JáNet Hurt | Tony Romero | Theo Zion

School of Education & Human Development
University of Colorado Denver