End Mental Health Stigma Event, April 18th

End Mental Health Stigma Event:

Keep Talking…End the Stigma

April 18th 4:00 pm

Tivoli Turnhall

Keep Talking…End the Stigma is an event aimed at decreasing societal, campus, and perceived stigma around mental health. The event will foster a community of acceptance and positive feedback. The event is aimed at normalizing conversations around mental health and increasing help-seeking behavior with mental health professionals, friends, staff, and faculty. Students, faculty, and staff across our campus will have the opportunity to share their mental health experiences in front of a live audience. People who submit their stories will have the option of reading their own stories at our event, have a volunteer read their stories with their name attached to it, or have a volunteer read their story and stay completely anonymous. People who do not want to share their story are encouraged to attend the event and support the movement to end mental health stigma.

For more information please see the attached flyer here or contact Noreen Khan noreen.khan@ucdenver.edu