The CU Procurement Service Center (PSC), in partnership with Campus Office of Information Technology (OIT), have recently updated requirements for IT purchasing to address data security challenges. This includes all software/web/cloud-based services (and renewals of existing services).

To ensure our school’s compliance with OIT and PSC policies, IT software purchases must be made through the SEHD Dean’s Office using the SEHD Purchase Request form. IT software includes any service that requires a use of a computer. It includes anything that is on-premises already on the computer, downloads, subscriptions, use of the internet or anything along those lines. Common examples of IT software include Canva, Calendly, Dedoose, SPSS, Trint, REV, Survey Monkey etc. Purchasing software and requesting reimbursement is not recommended, as many of these software suppliers have click-through agreements in which an individual may inadvertently agree to terms outside of CU policy. The only individuals with delegated signature authority are purchasing agents at the PSC. Any agreement signed (or clicked through) outside of the PSC, the individual who signed will be held directly liable for the terms. Please allow the SEHD tech and finance teams two to six weeks to complete your request, as IT software purchases now requirethese 6 steps:

1. Consult with your technology team &/or view list of already available software on OIT website
2. Submit the SEHD Purchase Request form – required
3. SEHD tech team acquires campus Risk & Compliance (RAC) approval – required
4. SEHD finance team acquires PSC approval – required
5. Once approved, we will reach out to you to complete the request and process the payment
6. Receive software

Step #2 is the key step for the individual wishing to purchase software. The SEHD Tech & Finance Teams will walk you through the rest of the process. Thank you for helping to ensure the SEHD’s compliance with CU’s updated requirements.
New Campus Requirements for Software Purchases