HR Tip- Faculty summer contracts for 2023 are coming soon

Dear faculty: Summer contracts will be coming out soon (around mid-May).  

Just a reminder of the faculty summer pay policies from the SEHD Pattern of Administration, copied below. Here is the link to the full Pattern of Administration: 

Faculty Summer Pay 

Employees who are appointed for 12 months (Deans, 12 month research faculty, professional exempt staff and classified staff) are paid during the summer as they are during the academic year. Faculty with separate summer appointments are paid on varying schedules according to their assignments. The basis of summer pay is the number of credit hours of the course at the Dean’s discretion. Currently, a faculty member will receive $6,000 per three credit hour course (up to two courses) that meets minimum enrollment. Teaching more than two courses requires Dean’s approval and will be paid at Lecturer rate. Please note that under-enrolled courses may be canceled and pay is prorated for under-enrolled summer courses that have not been canceled. Faculty may earn up to 3/9ths (33.33%) of their previous academic year salary in the summer, through teaching, administrative, and grant pay. Per the campus faculty compensation policy, faculty are allowed to receive up to 1/9th (11.11%) of their AY salary each month in the summer.  


For undergraduate & graduate level courses:  

* $6,000 (Full pay) * $4,000 (8-11 students enrolled) * $3,000 OR CANCEL (7 or fewer students enrolled)  

For doctoral level courses:  

* $6,000 (Full pay) * $4,000 (6-9 students enrolled) * $3,000 OR CANCEL (MINIMUM of 5 students enrolled)


With any questions, please reach out to Hiromi Agena.