Culturally Responsive Evaluation

Tuesday, October 18th via Zoom from 5:00-7:30 pm

Hosted by Dr. Courtney Donovan & Crystal Luce, PhD Candidate




In this seminar, we will introduce Culturally Responsive and Equitable Evaluation, how evaluation and culture interact, and how evaluation can be used to further social justice movements.  Culturally Responsive and Equitable Evaluation (CREE) is a growing field in evaluation with various ideologies, methodologies, seminars, and conferences.  The session is meant to be interactive with various activities and discussions to understand the basics of CREE and some of the various ideologies under the CREE umbrella.

Dr. Courtney Donovan is an Associate Clinical Professor in the Research and Evaluation department in SEHD.  She teaches a wide variety of courses including Culturally Responsive Methods (upcoming Summer 2023).  Courtney’s research and evaluation interests include working in the “research to practice” gap, action-oriented evaluation, measurement in social sciences, and advanced quantitative modeling working with social justice and advocacy topics.

Crystal Luce is a Ph.D. candidate in the Research and Evaluation program.  Crystal works as a Research Associate at the Aurora Research Institute where she is the primary investigator for Trauma and Immigrant and Refugee Youth, Co-responder Teams, Offender Dual-diagnosis, Youth Mentoring, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programs.  She just completed a CREE program from Expanding the Bench and CREE programs from Claremont Colleges and Culturally Responsive Evaluation Association.

Culturally Responsive Evaluation – October 18