The Colorado Association for Bilingual Education held its annual two-day conference this week and CU Denver faculty, former faculty and graduate students lead a total of 17 sessions. The list of presenters and topics shows the breadth and depth of knowledge and experience that CU Denver has in the field of bilingual education and cultural and linguistic diversity. Bravo!

  • Learning Words for Life: Promoting Vocabulary Development in Young Dual Language Learners, Dr. Cristina Gillanders
  • ELD jaulas limit Bi/multilingual Latinx youth development: Testimonios of critique and resistance, Dr. Paty Abril-Gonzalez, Dr. Sheila Shannon
  • 3 Year School-Wide Intervention Program, Dr. Maria Uribe, Dr. Sally Nathenson-Mejia, Dr. Tania Hogan, Kathleen Hoops
  • Exploring Implicit Bias: Transforming the learning experience by examining teacher expectations, Lyn Westergard & Lisa Vinnik
  • El Diario duo: A meaningful biliterate writing instructional practice, Dr. Sandra Butvilofsky & Dr. Adriana Alvarez
  • Knowing and Building Multilingual Classroom Communities Dr. Nancy Commins
  • Round Table: Identifying Problems of Practice in Bilingual and ELD Programs in Upper Elementary Grades, Dr. Lucinda Soltero-González
  • Translanguaging and Language Supports for Multilingual Students: Learning from teacher researchers, Lyn Westergard, Dr. Elizabeth Mahon, Alisa Sanchez, Ayse Durmus, Carlton Rexroad, Cristina Botello Godoy, Dayana Juski, Daisy Tello, Gloria Godoy Vera, Jacqueline Wilson, Jesús Nicho, Kate Franklin, Samantha Stauffer
  • Newcomer PreAlgebra: Setting up students for success, Christine Ferguson, Jenna Ream
  • Understanding the experiences of Latina migrant mothers through antropoesía, Dr. Sofía Chaparro
  • Meaningful Conversation & Translanguaging Techniques in the Mathematics Classroom, Ally Lewis, Jackie De La Cruz Rivera
  • Strategies and Solutions to Overcome the Barriers in the Identification of Gifted Latinx Students, Dr. Carlota Loya Hernández & Dr. Michelle DuBois
  • Biased for the Best: Embedded Assessment Practices for Language and Content, Chris Carson
  • Round Table: Secondary Education: Identifying Problems of Practice in Bilingual and ELD Programs, Jenna Ream
  • The Disappearing Hmong Language: A Hmong Study in Colorado, Dr. Kha Yang Xiong
  • Dignity Frames for Educating Emergent Bilinguals, Dr. Luis Poza
  • Aggressive Monitoring Mathematics with Bilingual Application, Vany Miramontes Marquez, Morgan Anderson
The Colorado Association for Bilingual Education Conference sees large turnout from CU Denver