Transitional Changes Greatly Impact SEHD HR Workflows

If you are looking to hire a new lecturer, TA or student employee, please expect the processing time to take 2-3 weeks. The current HR & Payroll Coordinator, Jessica Coon, transitioned her hiring duties to Jenna Stanford ( over the past several weeks and Jenna is working to process requests as fast as she is able.

There are several other factors that are contributing to the workflow slow down, Central HR is also experiencing turnover and have new employees who are learning on the job. The standard background check used to take 3-5 days to return, we are now being told the turnaround time is 5-10 business days. The background check is a critical part of the hiring process, as SEHD HR will not proceed with hiring paperwork until it has cleared. That means any required system access, i.e. Canvas or email, will not be provisioned until the background check clears. This has been impacting SEHD HR’s ability to process your new hire in a timely manner.

Please keep in mind, Jenna Stanford is currently out on vacation until Wednesday, September 19. As a result, expect a delayed response to emails sent to SEHDHR until she has a chance to return and get caught back up. Typical response times are estimated at 3-5 days during high volume season. While Jessica Coon’s last day is Friday, September 14, she has largely been working on training the new coordinator/student assistants, wrapping up final projects, and creating transition materials for the department.

Everyone here has been a new employee at least once, so thank you for being understanding and gracious with our staff as we learn and master new processes.