SEHD All Staff Meeting
Wednesday, September 20 at 10:00a.m.
Location: Lawrence Street Center 700

  • Welcome to Scott Bauer, Associate Dean of Advanced Education & Doctoral Programs
  • What’s New with the SAC
    • University Staff Council – Employee of the Month Awards
      • Bogi Begzsuren
      • Geneva Sarcedo
      • This information is posted on the University Staff Council webpage.
    • SAC Election
      • Two vacancies due to Jessica’s Leave and Melissa Burrow’s departure
      • Kelly Ragland and Tim Halliday expressed interest, confirm supervisory approval before welcoming to the council
      • Rosanna Miiller Salas offered to help out on a “as needed” basis (particularly with any website assistance)
    • Changes to Professional Development Fund
      • Two calls for PD funds, one in the fall and one in the spring
      • Hard annual cap, per person of $500
    • Lindsay Austin is the staff Diversity Representative on the faculty Diversity Committee, please share with her any questions, concerns, initiatives you may have.
    • Staff Photo Directory
      • Please help us build our staff photo directory by emailing a headshot to SEHDStaffCouncil@ucdenver.edu.
      • Staff expressed interest in hosting another “picture day.” Maybe ask Julia for assistance?
      • It was suggested the staff directory incorporate mini-bios as an optional enhancement to help us get to know each other.
    • Birthday Celebration Initiative
    • New Hire Introductions
      • Elizabeth Sweitzer (Evaluation Specialist I, 6/5/17—promoted from a GA)
      • Allyssa Choury (Evaluation Project Coordinator, 7/17/17)
    • Upcoming Events
      • October Candygram Fundraiser
      • Halloween Chomp on Tuesday, October 31
      • Winter Party on December 13
    • Dept News?
      • Jessica Coon will be out on parental leave for six months, Becky (and others) will assist in her absence. Be sure to use SEHDHR@ucdenver.edu for any HR assistance you need.
      • JaNet will be back on November 6
      • Rachel and Bridget have created a High Impact Practice program for their work-study students, helping connect their positions with their career and studies.
    • Thank You! You Made My Day Drawing (must be present to win!)
      • Winners of a $10 Amazon Gift Card: Kelly Ragland and Patrick Fink
    • In-house PD Survey Vote
    • Ted Talk and Discussion
      • Forget the Pecking Order at Work
      • The Questions Asked:
        • If there were no boundaries, what social outlets would you love to see in your office?
        • How do we become more highly attuned and sensitive to each other to promote better working groups?
      • Round Table Discussion Points:
        • Improvement has been made in our department culture. Staff feel “half-way” there, but acknowledge a staff/faculty divide still exists.
        • We need buy-in from our superchickens to harness their assets in alignment toward a common goal.
        • Let’s build social capital through simple ways, bring back the extra potlucks we used to host, have snacks on one floor available for faculty and staff.
        • A goal of the staff council is to create social capital by hosting events such as our staff meetings, potlucks, and other events.
        • Think about ways to build social connections outside of the workplace.
        • Challenge: creating and building social support when our staff and faculty are not in their offices.
        • Stress that faculty and staff meetings and events are worth the investment to attend. These social interactions actually help us do our work better.


Fall Staff Meeting Minutes
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