SEHD SAC Meeting
Monday, August 7, 2017 at 10:00a.m.
Location: LSC 1148

  • Check-in with Rebecca and Dorothy
    • Discuss budget (Lindsay)
    • PD Request Discussion
      • Start with situation at hand, two PD funds to request at large amounts and equitability
      • The concern with if we don’t spend the money, we’ll lose it, also, the fact that we don’t have enough for the fiscal year because it could get spent soon
      • SAC budget is part of the PD money
      • Options of: only providing for conference fees going forward
      • What are other sources of funding, SAC feels we’re put in an awkward position
  • August 16 – Faculty/Staff Retreat (Jessica)
    • Ask for time on the agenda (who we are, snapshots of who we are and what we’ve done, and that elections will be coming up)
    • Ask to be the ones to provide dessert—ice cream bar, thank you Dorothy and welcome back Rebecca and start of the new year for all….
    • Anniversary Notifications as an idea? New Hires to SEHD….too?
  • Concerns we’d like addressed (communication) -Tony
    • Departures/moves
      • Posts on Impact
  • What happened last year (events and attendance) – Bridget
  • Ask for 5 minutes of her time to open the fall quarterly meeting (Sept 20 work for the dean?)
  • Winter Party Confirm Date with RK (December 13)
August 7, 2017 – SAC Meeting Agenda
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