SEHD SAC Meeting
Tuesday, September 6, 2017 at 3:30p.m.
Location: LSC 620
In Attendance: Jessica Coon, Rachel Cornelius, Shelley Gomez, Lindsay Harn, Tony Romero, Bridget Sabo

Items Discussed

  • PD Fund Update to Policy and Follow-up
    • Two application dates – fall and spring
      • Announce we’re accepting applications at semester staff meetings, leave open for a month to accept requests.
    • $500/year hard cap
    • Each SAC member to find a training that is of interest to yourself (and hopefully others) and we’ll pitch to the staff at large
  • Staff Meeting Agenda Prep ($100, Rachel will cater)
    • New PD Policy
      • Training Ideas & Votes
    • New Hire Intros
    • Lindsay Austin as Diversity Rep (reminder and if she has any info for us)
    • Upcoming Events
      • Chomp/Candygram Fundraiser/Contest
      • Winter Party
    • News
      • Jessica Out 6 months (Becky as assistance)
      • When JaNet is Back
      • Work Study Program (Rachel and Bridget)
    • Birthday Reminder (opt out, contact Rachel)
    • SAC elections: Solicit Nominations? Vote?
      • Shelley to check in with Kelly
      • Bridget to check in with Chris R and Rosalinda
      • Either announce newcomers or do one last call for interest
    • Ted Talk and Discussion
      • Each SAC member to find one talk of interest to the workplace by September 12.
  • Future Planning for AY 17-18
      • Community Service Event
    • MARCH
      • Spring Semester Staff Meeting
    • APRIL
    • MAY
      • 5/2/18 – Room PLA#3 available! (Rachel)
    • JUNE
      • 4th Annual Summer BBQ
  • Employee of the Month Nominations
  • Review any PD Fund Requests
  • Follow up Action Items:
    • IDEA: Post in IMPACT/SAC information updates highlighting various program areas?
    • Follow up: Work anniversaries to announce at the retreat, to post on doors.
      • 5, 10, 15 and 20+within past year
      • Perhaps a message from the dean?
      • Make certificates
      • Make a nice Impact post
September 6, 2017 – SAC Meeting Minutes
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