May 18, 2017 – SAC Meeting Minutes


SEHD SAC Meeting
Thursday, May 18, 2017 at 2:30p.m.
Location: Lawrence Street Center, Room 710
In Attendance: Lindsay Austin (for first part of meeting), Jessica Coon, Shelley Gomez, Lindsay Harn, Tony Romero, Bridget Sabo

Items Discussed

  • Tony Romero is taking meeting minutes.
  • Diversity Committee Update – Lindsay Austin
    • Met once, end of year recap. Committee thought that the last staff retreat (round table discussions) went well.
    • Kick off meeting will be in August. Committee will try to look for and coordinate with others at university/campus when they plan and execute events.
    • Lindsay is open to feedback from staff and willing to help collaborate with other units on campus.
    • Invite Lindsay to September SAC meeting.
    • JESSICA: Look at feedback form and add diversity feedback
  • Lunch & Learn / PD
    • Perhaps have one planned in-house PD opportunity in Fall and Spring.
      • Bridget researched self defense. Impact self-defense has opportunities
        • 90 minutes $500/20-staff-members.
        • 4 hours $1500/20 includes techniques.
      • Will check with campus police and recreation.
      • Do we want to gauge interest? TONY will send out a survey.
    • SAC Feedback Form Review
      • Comments or suggestions for SEHD diversity committee.
      • Jessica: IMPACT newsletter post.
        • Hey we have this new tool. Please use. Open all the time. Increase communication. Updates at quarterly meeting. Can be anon.
      • Budget: No news yet, waiting for official template and return of Dean.
      • TONY: to send out social survey questions…
        • Gauge interest for staff for PD
        • Will get email list from JESSICA re: staff and faculty
      • Some annual social event in the spring semester?? Perhaps about March as we have winter party and Halloween chomp in the fall.
      • June 17th (soon)— 3rd Annual Staff BBQ
        • Sloan Lake , will need to provide a detailed map
        • Catering: Little India (delivery?)
        • Be prepared for WIND! Woosh
        • Theme: Tibetan/Indian
        • CU in the Park
        • We’ll (us) provide ICE, drinks, desserts and decorations, coolers and games.
        • Save-the-dates, paper invitation, posting on the door, evites will be the official RSVP
          • Post Evite to IMPACT, Double check distribution list.
          • Need to suggest lawn chairs and blankets.
        • SHELLEY: Shade pavilion.
        • SHELLEY and TONY Cookies and Ladoo
        • RACHEL for drinks + Decorations (we want helium balloons! And table cloths)
        • RACHEL brings parks contract
        • JESSICA brings reserved signs
        • (All) coolers full of ice, Legit shipping tape and industrial scissors
        • Giant Jenga + Cornhole + any other lawn games
        • We arrive at 2:30
      • Future Planning?
        • Meet the week before BBQ (week of the 12th)
        • Elections in the fall–start soliciting some staff to gauge interest
      • Employee of the Month Nominations
        • Will nominate an employee next month
      • Follow up Action Items:
        • IDEA: Post in IMPACT/SAC information updates highlighting various program areas?
      • Review any PD Fund Requests
        • Maybe request all staff PD for summer
      • Host a welcome back/thank you Dorothy (ice cream social?) in mid-july…could be potluck style.
        • Let’s loop in JaNet and Kelly for assistance in June
      • Follow up: Work anniversaries to announce at the retreat, to post on doors.
        • Perhaps a message from the dean?
        • Brainstorm on what we could do, when, how often, etc. Bring ideas to next meeting.