Staff–Tell Us Your Thoughts and Ideas! A message from the SEHD Staff Advisory Council

Your SEHD Staff Advisory Council would like to hear from you! We’ve created an online form that will allow you to send us your thoughts and ideas 24/7!

You can still communicate with us via email at, or you can now send us feedback online here. Your feedback can be submitted anonymously if you choose.

A few suggestions on how to use the form, consider sending us:

  • Employee of the month nominations
  • Suggestions for professional development opportunities
  • Suggestions for social activities
  • Comments or suggestions for the SEHD diversity committee
  • Concerns/Questions about SEHD policies, procedures, events
  • Anything else that’s on your mind!

We hope to be able to use your feedback as we continue to promote and create a positive working climate in the SEHD!

Your Staff Advisory Council