Holiday Cookie Exchange

Your SEHD Staff Advisory Council cordially invites to you a Holiday Cookie Exchange & Contest.

If you would like to participate, this is what you need to do:

  • Make 3 dozen cookies and bring them on December 7th (store-bought cookies can get you entry to the exchange, but not into the contest)
  • Email a copy of your recipe to (if you would like to share it!)
  • Bring a few Ziplock bags or Tupperware containers to collect your exchanged cookies.
  • Lindsay Harn will take pictures of the cookies and we will post those pictures, along with the recipes, for everyone to vote on
  • We will send a link to those who participated to vote for the best cookies
  • Voting will take place online through 5pm on December 12th
  • Prizes will be awarded at Winter Gathering on December 13th to those who won in the following categories:
    • Tastiest
    • Prettiest
    • Most Original

We hope you can participate!

Your SEHD Staff Advisory Council