November 3, 2016 – SAC Meeting Minutes


SEHD SAC Meeting
Thursday, November 3 2016 at 3p.m.
Location: Lawrence Street Center, Room 603
In Attendance: Jessica Coon, Rachel Cornelius, Lindsay Harn, Tony Romero

Items To Discuss

  • Tech Team Pitch for Support
    • The Tech Team would like to launch an initiative to reduce the amount of PDFs and Word Documents that exist, wherever possible, for the following reasons:
      • Less files stored on the Q drive—less files means less we have to pay each month to back up data
      • Data will become searchable text on our webpages
      • Less pdfs and word documents could increase efficiencies in work processes
    • The SAC has agreed to give the Tech Team some face-time with staff during our next staff meeting in March. We also asked them to provide some action items that we can present to staff.
    • The SAC will point out anytime we do something “green” and share why.
  • Lunch N Learn Planning
    • Rachel Cornelius to lead out
    • Fall Session: How to Survive the Holidays Without Going Broke
    • ACTION: Jessica to send out outlook invites to all staff
    • We will provide the supplies to create the mason jar:
    • Staff of the Month Nomination
      • Shakira Anderson, nominated by Jessica Coon
    • TYYMMD
      • No changes will occur this year, but the SAC will ask the Dean if we can open up the TYYMMD drawings to all staff (including faculty and students).
      • We do not want TYYMMD to be a staff event only, but a department culture of appreciation; therefore, we want everyone to be eligible for a gift card; however, if that is the case, we don’t feel the funds should come from the staff budget.
    • Chomp update
      • How was the event? Feedback?
        • Great turnout this year! But let’s do better next year by:
          • Having a costume contest with a gift card reward (and provide some small costume items on hand for people without costumes to wear)
          • Having more decorations! Rachel was given $75 from our budget to purchase Halloween decorations while they are on sale post-holiday.
          • Possible face painting idea, if funds allow.
        • Candygram fundraiser results?
          • Raised $175, after candygram purchases and food purchases for the CHOMP (tortilla rolls, veggie tray, cookies, plates) we netted $40 which will be spent on purchasing treats and k-cups for the department.
        • Calendar of Events:
          • November
            • November 17 – Lunch N Learn (Holiday Planning)
            • December
              • December 7 at noon – Cookie Exchange and Contest!
                • Lindsay Harn to take pictures of each cookie, we will post recipe (non-pdf or word!—go green!) online with photos and poll staff for best cookie (voting will close on Friday, Dec 9)!
                • Winners of the cookie contest will be announced at the holiday party and given a gift card
              • December 14 – Winter Party
                • 9:30 setup! Bring extra help if you can!
                • Plans for Next Year:
                  • Office Space Decorating Contest!
                • February
                  • February 2 – Lunch N Learn (Team Building)
                • March –Staff Meeting (date is TBD)