Professional Development Opportunity (FREE): Managing Employees with Health Conditions

Managing Employees with Health Conditions

A Training Opportunity presented by Human Resources

When: Wednesday July 27, 2016

Where: Room 470 in the CU building- Downtown Denver Campus

This presentation, “Managing Employees with Health Conditions,” is designed to assist managers and supervisors to successfully navigate the challenges of implementing a variety of relevant policies and procedures as they relate to an employee who may be experiencing a medical condition(s). In this two-hour course, we will address the needs of employees, as well as the concerns of supervisors, managers and unit leaders, when sick leave, Family Medical Leave (FML), and reasonable accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) are requested or required.

Intended Audience: Supervisors, although all are welcome to attend

Class Duration: 2 hours, 9am-11

To Register:  Please E-mail to request registration or self-enroll via SkillSoft (instructions here)