University Staff Professional Evaluation Timeline

JANUARY 2016 —

Ask employee to complete 2015 self-evaluation form (which includes 2016 professional plan) based upon goals discussed and submitted in their professional plan.

Important considerations:

  • Focus on outcomes vs. just listing activities – ask them to provide evidence of how they have met or exceeded their performance goals throughout the year.

How does their work support the goals of your workgroup, the department, the SEHD?  If this isn’t clear, it is a great opportunity to clarify for the coming year!

FEBRUARY 1, 2016

Deadline for completed self-evaluation/professional plan from employees to the supervisor. The supervisor will then add their written feedback for the coaching discussion.

The employee and supervisor MUST provide evidence to support any ratings other than Meeting Expectations (clearly demonstrate why and how the employee exceeded their goals this year).



Meeting between supervisor and employee for performance discussion/coaching conversation and goal-setting for the year.

Here’s an example of questions to ask to help the coaching conversation (from Henna Innam, Transformational Leadership):

  • “What did you do well? What strengths did you use to achieve that?”
  • “What were things you could have done better? What strengths can you use to achieve that?”
  • “Here’s what I observed in terms of what you could have done better (be specific). How do these resonate for you?”
  • “If you were able to master these behaviors how would this help you?” (this is a great question to understand what motivates your coachee).


During or after performance discussion/coaching conversation:

  • Discuss and assign an evaluation rating and sign Annual Performance Rating Form.
  • Finalize goals for 2016 professional plan

FEBRUARY 22, 2016

Submit the following items to Jessica Coon for each of your supervisees:

  • 2015 Self-Evaluation/2016 Professional Plan (include supervisor feedback and must justify any score above Meeting Expectations)
  • Fully signed 2015 Annual Performance Rating Form

Throughout this process, please keep in mind the Performance Evaluation Ratings Guidelines from Rebecca Kantor.