Minutes: Diversity Committee March 2, 2015

Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes – March 2, 2015

Members present: Aswad Allen, Edward Cannon, Nancy Commins, Antwan Jefferson, Lori Ryan


(What does a welcoming, productive, affirming community look/feel/sound like…?)

I. Information-sharing habits

  1. How can the DC support faculty/staff sharing habits related to the work that faculty and staff members are doing related to “advancing the vision of SEHD” so that the work taking place is shared with students, faculty, staff and the community?
    1. “Vine”-length videos through @SEHD
    2. Faculty meeting brief (~10 min/groups/4) share-out time re: What are you doing that’s cool and advancing the vision of SEHD?
    3. Access of @SEHD/Twitter feed to share info broadly
    4. Student Commons to host flat-screen television with feed of cool things that advance vision of SEHD—community-generated content

II. Program Lead Outreach/”Partnerships”

A. Debrief

  1. Nancy shared that 3 programs (ECE, Counseling, RSEM) have responded to DC requests to share program discussions about the welcoming community
  2. Nancy will send a follow up email to the Program leaders, including a few examples of the responses that DC has received from these three programs—this will encourage more input
  3. Standing question: Is there a relationship between achieving the welcoming community that we’re hoping for and the formal faculty merit review process? (This is an administrative entry-point)
    • How is the SEHD mission/vision reflected in FCQs with removal of “Instructor treatment of minorities and women” question?

B. Follow-Up

  1. Follow-Up DC Meeting: Invite Rebecca K-M and Dorothy G-W[options: 4/8: 8:30-10:30, 4/9: 12:30-1:30, 4/16: 12:30-1:30]
    • Overview of discussion purpose, building on: “What does a welcoming, productive, affirming community look, feel, and sound like…?” [Nancy]
    • Inquire of the Deans: What are some school-level practices and emerging practices that demonstrate the fulfillment of the vision of SEHD? (we want to acknowledge what already has been done…is being done…and we don’t know if there are established processes in place for sharing these works in progress)[Nancy]
    • Review/sharing of perspectives/questions/faculty input related to the question “what does…”
    • Share the things that we’re thinking about (faculty demographic profile)

C. Hold for future meeting/follow-up to include Formal recommendations in a report to the Deans from the DC (by May 2015 and possibly during summer, but with goal for an August 2015      start)

  1. We need various ways/platforms to share the vision of SEHD and capture stories that demonstrate how this is becoming realized at the student/faculty/school levels
  2. Clarify the relationship between the merit review process and the SEHD efforts to construct a welcoming community.
  3. Next Faculty Meeting: need to check in with Dean about the role of the DC at the retreat. Community building activities that include talking to one another across program areas.

III. Tabled: Learning about Our work

  1. Faculty Demographic Survey
  2. Professional Profile

IV. Tabled: Summer Plans

  1. Diversity Plan (Complete?)
  2. New members—possibly invite to work over the summer to preview DC