Minutes: HR Discussion Group 10.02.14

If you’re a manager of university/classified staff in the SEHD and weren’t able to attend the latest HR Discussion Group for SEHD Managers meeting, you can check out the minutes here:



HR Discussion Brownbag for SEHD Managers

Thursday 10/2/2014 12:00‐1:30 PM

LSC 1150


In Attendance: Aswad Allen, Patricia Ball, Ted Bovey, Ritu Chopra, Christine Feagins, Geneva Hallett, Carolyn Haug, Barbara Seidl, Sandra Snyder‐Mondragon



Topic/Discussion Item  
1.  HR Resources on SEHD Impact (http://impact.ucdsehd.net/) 12:00 – 12:30
  • Tricia and Jessica demo
    1. You can access Impact directly from the SEHD website by clicking on Faculty & Staff in the top right corner of the site.


  • Navigation on Impact: Knowledge Base/Human Resources/Reference Documents
    1. Visit this page for school policies and handbooks for all employee types
    2. This page also contains information pertaining to employee leave regarding Family Leave and Parental Leave
    3. Reference documents also include MyLeave guidance docs, Professional Plan templates, Supervisor Toolkits, and Worker’s Compensation Information
    4. What makes this ideal—everything is centralized in one location.
  • Navigation on Impact: Knowledge Base/Human Resrouces/Search/Hire Requests
    1. Lecturer/TA/Student Hire Request Forms are available
    2. For student hires please allow at least 5 business days for processing since background checks are required and are taking longer to process.
    3. You can request assistance posting a student or lecturer job using the “Job Posting – Student” or “Job Posting – Lecturer” forms. Student job postings are sent to UCD’s new student and alumni job board, Career Lynx. Lecturer postings are sent to Jobs at CU.
  • Ongoing plans for additional resources
    1. Currently adding processes for:
      1. Searches for university staff and faculty (will be available by mid‐October)
      2. Promotion requests for staff
    2. Onboarding page – notifying AS, Fin/Acctg, Tech, JaNet of new hires
    3. Need to add some brief explanations by some of the resources; e.g.
      1. Faculty Outside Consulting: Pre‐Approval form must be submitted prior to accepting outside consulting work. SEHD HR sends this out every fall as a reminder.
      2. FML ‐ if your employee will be out 3 or more consecutive days due to illness/medical condition, please contact Patricia Ball
      3. Workers Comp ‐ if your employee is injured on the job, it must be reported within 4 days of the injury and they must see a CU‐designated medical provider.
  • Feedback and discussion with group

Any changes needed? (Send any suggestions to Tricia) What else would be helpful?

  1. SUGGESTION: Provide links to employer & employee benefit costs?


2.  What’s going on in HR 12:30 – 12:45
o  System upgrades coming in about a year  

PeopleSoft HRMS to HCM, will include electronic


performance planning & performance reviews


Taleo replacing PeopleAdmin online recruiting & applicant tracking


Also a new time reporting system will replace MyLeave

o  BG checks are necessary to start new employees.  
o  It can take several weeks to process initial paperwork for international hires so they can start working.  
o Onboarding – Tricia, Becky, Gretchen, Theo, Tim, Hiromi, Jessica and JaNet all met to debrief and strategize the onboarding process. Everyone shared their role in onboarding so they could learn more about who does and what and figure out what was working and not working. As a result of the meeting, Jessica is working on creating a “pre‐hire” form that will help notify key individuals earlier in the hiring process that a hire is occurring. Ideally this will help provide ample time to coordinate office location and computer setup. Jessica and Tricia are also working on coordinating a welcome packet with practical information, a phone list, etc. that could be given to the new hire on their first day.  
  • GA/RA/TA guidance document – Sandy and Tricia met last week to work on this draft document. They are aiming to have it completed in time for spring hires.

o SUGGESTION: Include sample job descriptions in guidance document—one that is research focused, etc.

  • Mid‐year reviews – Reminder‐‐ Classified staff are required to have a mid‐year coaching session
  • Archival of paper files – done in conjunction with the move o Gearing up for new hires with recent grant
  • Gearing up for new hires with recent grant


  1. SkillSoft Resources – FREE online training resources you may not know existed:

o Go to Portal‐>SkillSoft Resources‐>Learning and Development‐ >Professional Development‐>Learning Guides Contains learning guide plans with a thematic purpose (i.e. coaching, performance planning, customer service, etc).

Open SkillSoft‐>Catalog‐>Business Exploration Series‐>Challenge Series‐>Leadership‐>Coaching (example of interactive video exercise) Most of the trainings are in business, rather than academic settings, but most have universal application.

Catalog‐>In Search Bar: Performance/Job Aids‐>Communicating Performance Issues (example of printable job aid)

Open SkillSoft‐>Catalog‐>Business Skills Curricula (example: Administrative Skills)

o Books 24/7 in Skillsoft provides access to online books related to management, technology assistance, and more.

o These resources may be useful for workgroup training activities, individual professional development, skills enhancement to address performance concerns, prep for certain certifications, etc. 

o Contact Tricia or Jessica for assistance with navigating/finding resources of interest.


  1. Wrap‐Up

o Bring ideas and discussion items for future

SUGGESTION: Discuss onboarding further. The logistics of office space, department orientation, practical details (who pays for the new hire lunch/other activities to do with a new staff member), etc.

o Policies/areas that need review/work

o Review volunteer policy

o Flex Place and Flex Time Policies



o    Next Meeting: February, 2015


Please contact Tricia Ball (Patricia.Ball@ucdenver.edu) if you have any suggestions for upcoming discussion topics. Thank you!