HR Tip- Faculty contract payment elections can be made in the employee portal until July 12, 2024

Dear faculty members: The contract selection period for the 2024-25 academic year is now open. If you would like to change your election from 9-pay-9 to 9-pay-12 or vice versa, the election form will be available in the UCD Access Portal from May 1 – July 12, 2024. If you do not choose a schedule, it will default to an academic year pay schedule. 

Please consider carefully if you are thinking of choosing the 9-pay-9 method. The month of May’s pay will be a prorated gross amount (read: a significant reduction!) of the academic year salary based on the May academic year-end date. Summer course teaching is scheduled to match actual course dates, so if you teach a Maymester course, then your payment for that course will be issued in May only. If you teach a summer course in June and July, then your payment will be issued in June and July only.

Information about faculty contract schedules, a contract calculator tool, and other contract selection resources are available to you here:

Faculty 9-month contracts start payment the first day of the academic year in August, and end payment on the last day of the academic year in May. For historical information on the timing of contract pay dates, please see previous Impact post: 


With any questions, please reach out to Hiromi Agena or