Lisa Forbes Interviewed by NBC News

Feb. 2, 2024 | NBC News

After surviving a pandemic, inflation and environmental crises, many adults, particularly Gen Zers and millennials, appear to be leaning into a nostalgic form of escapism: play. The desire for adult play goes beyond just toys, with the returned to activities, such as sports or crafts, that encourage this sense of fun. Lisa Forbes, an assistant clinical professor in the counseling program at the University of Colorado Denver, said that this is because people are realizing “life is more than work” and that they shouldn’t have to wait for retirement to have fun. Playfulness can also bring people together and develop a community. Play is often misunderstood as “silly, frivolous, something that kids do.” However, it has proven benefits for adults, like helping them cope with anxiety and boost their moods. It doesn’t have to involve certain activities, she said; rather it is a mindset.
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