Dear University Staff and 12-month Faculty* colleagues: 

This Monday, August 15th, is our internal deadline for performance evaluations. Thank you to all those who have completed your conversations and sent your documents to SEHD HR.  

If you haven’t already, please complete your evaluations and Please submit all completed forms to SEHD HR by Monday, August 15th.  

For links to the forms and detailed instructions, please refer to this Impact article:  

We recognize that the formatting of the documents is a challenge, so if we can support you by sending forms through DocuSign or if you have other ideas, please let us know. 

If you need a copy of your job description or your prior performance plan, or if you have other questions about this process, please contact    


*9-month faculty timeline will be announced separately   

Reminder: Monday, August 15th is the due date for Staff Performance Evaluations Forms