To Full-Time Faculty  

This is just a reminder that if you will be performing any outside consultation, research, clinical or other work outside of the University of Colorado system up to 1/6th of your time & effort, you will need to complete and submit a request for prior approval.   

You can find the latest form on the Faculty Affairs website, in the “One Sixth Rule” section: 


CLICK HERE to view an FAQs resource  

Approval forms and information regarding the 1/6th rule can be found on our SEHD Wiki website (CLICK HERE to view).   

A fully signed copy will be returned to you upon approval.   

Please direct any questions/completed request forms to  



Please route your “One Sixth” Rule Outside Consultation request forms to This will help us with tracking and processing these requests.    


If this new agreement in any way changes your most recently submitted Conflict of Interest Certification, please update your Conflict of Interest (COI) Certification by following the steps at this website:    


Thank you! 

Outside Consultation, Research, and Other work? Please submit a Prior Approval Form