Dear faculty and staff:  

As you may know from a recent announcement, visible ID badges are now required for those working and teaching in the Lawrence Street Center.  

SEHD HR will provide you with the necessary form & approval signature that you will need to provide at the Tivoli Station ID Center. They are located in the Student Union, Suite 105. Their phone # is (303) 556-8352. Please visit their website for the last hours of operation:  

  • SEHD will pay for new employee IDs for staff and faculty (including on-campus lecturers as needed)  
  • SEHD will pay for renewal of expired ID, or name/title change, as long as you turn in your previous ID card at the Tivoli Station ID Center  
  • Employees will be charged $24 for replacement ID cards, if previous ID card is not turned in at the Tivoli Station ID Center  
  • Only faculty and staff who regularly work on campus need an ID. For exceptions/special considerations, please contact  

Please email and let us know your full name and job title, and whether this is your initial employee ID card, a renewal of an expired ID, or a replacement of a lost/stolen ID. 

To get your ID encoded for access: 

  • If it is a renewal ID, please take it to Facilities Management in Suite LSC 360 and let them know you need your ID encoded with your current access. 
  • If it is a new ID, please email Ja’Net Hurt at with the following info:  
  • Name 
  • Employee ID # 
  • Badge # (last 6 digits on the back of your ID starting with a zero) 
  • Expiration date (located on front of badge) 
  • Please contact Ja’Net with any access questions.   


Contact with questions. 

Need a new employee ID badge in Fall 2022?