Please email and let us know your full name and job title, and whether this is your initial employee ID card, a renewal of an expired ID, or a replacement of a lost/stolen ID. 

SEHD HR will provide you with the necessary form to take to the Tivoli Station ID Center in the Student Union, Suite 105. The ID Center is open Monday – Friday: 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM and the phone # is (303) 556-8352. 

  • SEHD will pay for new employee IDs for staff and faculty (including lecturers, as needed) 
  • SEHD will pay for renewal of expired ID, or name/title change, as long as you turn in your previous ID card at the Tivoli Station ID Center 
  • Employees will be charged $24 for replacement ID cards, if previous ID card is not turned in at the Tivoli Station ID Center 
  • Only faculty and staff who regularly work on campus need an ID. For exceptions/special considerations, please contact 
  • To get your ID encoded for access, if it is a renewal ID please take it to Facilities Management in Suite LSC 360 and let them know you need your ID encoded with your current access. If it is a new ID, please email with the following info: Name, Employee ID # and Badge # (last 6 digits on the back of your ID starting with a zero). Please contact Ja’Net with any access questions.  

Contact with questions.

Need a new employee ID card?