To University Staff and their Supervisors 

We are halfway through the 2021 performance cycle already! It is time for supervisors to meet with their staff for a mid-year performance check-in. SEHD HR has created an online form to facilitate these discussions. This does not need to be a super formal process. Hopefully supervisors are already meeting with their direct reports on a regular basis. We suggest you take some time at one of your upcoming meetings to review the responses on the Formstack form (below is the Formstack link). Responses are focused on the status of performance goals and specific projects. When meeting, supervisors should encourage staff members to guide the conversation regarding what is going well, what is not, and where they can use some support. Supervisors should take the opportunity to acknowledge successes and offer course correction and development opportunity (if applicable) for any missed marks. 

University staff should use the following link to fill out and submit the form at your earliest convenience, so you and your supervisor can have a check-in meeting before the end of August. The form will automatically send a copy to the employee and their supervisor. Please let SEHD HR know if you have any questions.  

Mid-Year Performance Check in form: 


2021 University Staff Mid-Year Performance Check-In