It’s been great having these weekly meetings to hear from some of you. Our students are lucky to have such dedicated, invested faculty, especially in this time of change and uncertainty. Thank you all for the work you have done and continue to do on their behalf.

Some questions and concerns were brought out in our last meeting. Please go to this University website to find the latest information and available resources for you and your students:

Within, you’ll find information including:

  • Mental health services available under “Health”
  • Graduation ceremony under “Commencement”
  • Pass+/Pass/No Pass details under “Recent Updates”
  • Quick tips and guidelines for teaching remotely under the “Teaching Remotely” icon
  • Programs to help students in need (e.g. Loving Lynx Fund) under the “Student Resources” tab

Hope to see you on Tuesday, 2/28 from 2:00-3:00, to discuss different strategies and technologies that can help to increase engagement and participation in the remote setting. Please email for the Zoom link.

A Message from UCDALI President Vivian Shyu