TechTAs are back, rebranded, and ready to help.

What is this?

The Learning Design & Technology (LDT) program has (re)launched the LDT Student Agency with graduate assistants available to assist. We are learning-designers, technologists, and creatives; we can help you with Canvas, Zoom, and peripheral digital tools; we can help you with course-building, lesson-design and remote-teaching.

How does this work?

Students work for the agency, and are individually assigned to you. Students are co-supervised by you and the agency. We handle payroll, paperwork, project management, and technology so you don’t have too. Each of us brings power-tools and expertise to your project, with the agency on-call. When working with one of us, you have access to all of us.

What does this cost?

The easiest start is to assign an assistant to you or your program for 2 to 5 hours a week on a per semester basis. Rates are dependent on skills, timeline, and technology requirements. CU Denver rates start at $30/hr. External client rates start at $40/hr.

We also do projects such as self-paced trainings, interactive media, and digital storytelling.

Project costs are variable to your wants and needs. We’ve had projects ranging from $300 to $20,000, depending on bits. Beyond CU Denver, we have partnered with the Colorado Department of Higher Education, Denver Public Schools (DPS), CU Boulder, ThinqStudio, and the CU System office.

How do I start?

Contact or

TechTAs/Student Agency