Dear SEHD student workers, researchers, and staff:

We’d like to highlight a couple of items in the Chancellor’s 3/13/20 COVID-19 Update email. If you’ve been authorized to work remotely, please register as directed below. If you are unsure whether you are authorized to work remotely, please consult your supervisor.

By Monday, March 16, supervisors should have identified student workers, researchers and staff who can work remotelymeaning their work can be done partially or entirely away from campus. Supervisors should determine, in consultation with their employees, whether it is feasible for them to work remotely and if so, the manner in which they will perform their responsibilities.

As soon as a supervisor provides authorization, an employee can work remotely following their required registration on our remote workforce site.

Please note that supervisors may need to make changes as they continually evaluate campus needs and an employee’s work requirements. On a weekly basis, campus officials will be monitoring conditions and communicating to employees the status of remote working for the coming week.

If you are deemed to be an essential or critical faculty or staff member, and will remain on campus in the coming weeks, please continue to be safe and follow prevention protocols.

Our goal is to continue the work of the university. Meetings required to continue university operations should occur remotely. See remote work resources here.

COVID-19 Update: Staff, student employees, and researchers please register your remote work arrangement