In Attendance: Theo, Shakira, Tony, JaNet & Rachel


Review of the bylaws and the positions – bylaws and positions are approved – Tony sent to Rebecca for final approval, then will post to Impact.

Whoever takes the minutes will clean them up and post to Impact.

  • Rebecca named Chair
  • Theo is the Vice Chair
  • Shakira named the Secretary
  • Lindsay will be Treasurer

Building the agenda – to be tied into whatever the mission and goals are

Get meeting template from JaNet


New Staff Meeting Date: Sept 17th – LSC 745 – time TBD by Tricia – Rachel get food for meeting

October PD: JaNet will schedule with Debbie on October 9th (first half of PD) – JaNet order food

November PD: JaNet will schedule with Debbie (second half of PD) in November– TBD by JaNet – order food

September 17th Agenda – type up and send to Shakira

  • Staff Meeting in September
  • Icebreaker – Rachel’s numerical answer and question game
  • New Staff Welcome – get list from JaNet
  • Cares/Concerns/Celebrations
  • JaNet introduce the Debbie thing in October and November – mention LUNCH!
  • Wellness Initiative for the spring – a few events
  • JaNet present on EMS room scheduling
  • Open Sharing
  • This is everything we did this last year – what would you like us to do this year?
  • FY 20 Wish Lists/goal
  • Tricia and Auditor come speak about procurement


Halloween Potluck on Halloween – October 31st

December Winter Holiday Party – December 11th


Tony will be minute taker in October

Shakira will make sure rooms and calendar appointments are updated

SAC Meeting:  September 4, 2019