Curriculum Committee = February 18, 2019

Date:    February 18, 2019



Lisa Forbes – Committee Chair

Dennis DeBay

Lori Elliott

Cristina Gillanders

Scott McLeod

Nicole Sager

Diana Schaack



Shakira Anderson

Hilary Bruce



Course Proposal/Revision Requests

Status                               Item(s)                                                                 Presenter


Approved                      HDFR 1080 Lifespan Issues in Family Violence         Jorge Chavez

  • New course will be submitted to the CCOC as a Social Science Core.
  • Course will focus on family systems and ecological perspectives within family violence issues across the lifespan development.


Pending                         CLDE 6927 Inquiry in CLDE through PLC                    Chris Carson

  • Course will be a stackable credit option, along with CLDE 5827, CRT of Content through PLC, for education professionals.
  • There is a for credit option for participants in e-workshops, to have the credit counts towards the MA.
  • The course structure is unclear. The committee has requested to see an updated syllabus with the structure more defined.


Syllabi Review

Reviews are completed.  The committee will communicate with the programs regarding any updates. Next review will be in five years.

  • LCRT 4100-5100                          Literacy
  • LCRT 5055


Instructor Appointments:

Approved – will reach out to Cindy Gutierrez regarding evaluations or feedback for site instructors.