Journal of Teacher Education features Margarita Bianco’s research on developing a diversified teaching workforce

The genesis of this issue is in large part an outgrowth of the organizing efforts of the leaders of AACTE’s Diversified Teaching Workforce (DTW) Topical Action Group (TAG). The DTW TAG held its first meeting at the 2015 AACTE Annual Conference, and subcommittees were formed to address recruitment, research, mentorship, professional development, and advocacy. At the 2016 AACTE Annual Conference, the DTW TAG presented a research panel that explored various facets of research needed across the teacher development continuum for Teachers of Color (TOCs; please see Editors’ note regarding definition). Based on the need for more research scholarship, DTW team leaders Drs. Conra Gist, Margarita Bianco, and Marvin Lynn proposed a theme issue to the Journal of Teacher Education (JTE) editors focused on developing a diversified teaching workforce in the United States and the implications for teacher education. Three of the five articles in this issue (those authored by Bristol & Goings; Gist, Bianco, & Lynn; and Kohli) are among the many efforts resulting from this group’s work and were accepted for publication after proceeding through the regular review process.

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