Education and Human Development Graduating Students’ Poster Session – April 25, 6pm

The EDHD MA program invites all students, staff, and faculty to attend the “Graduating Students’ Poster Session” this spring. Graduating students will share findings of the theses/applied projects with you, and you will have the chance to congratulate them on their accomplishments and talk with them about their work and findings. This also presents a great opportunity for the current students to connect with the presenting students to learn how to conduct studies for theses and applied projects, particularly if you plan to design your capstone project soon.

Date/Time: Wednesday, April 25, 6 pm- 7:30 pm

Place: The 11th floor hall area of the Lawrence Street Center Building (1380 Lawrence St.)


  • Emily Dewire: Does Being Educated about Finance make a Difference? Financial Stress and Financial Literacy Among University Students
  • Alexis Gonzales: Elementary Teachers’ Knowledge of Mindfulness and Perceived Barriers to Implementation
  • Natalie Gorak: Formation and Functionality: Young Adults Who are Homeless and Their Street Families
  • Christian Lasegue: Accuracy and Efficiency Effects of Deliberate Practice: Implications for Initial Learning
  • Molly Roberge: To Disclose or Not Disclose: Exploring barriers around students with hidden disability decision to disclose to post-secondary institutions
  • Mikaela Scozzafava: The Significance of Urban Public School Funding for Promoting Educational Success in Latino Students
  • Breanna J. Stewart: The Role of Teachers’ Beliefs of Learning Disabilities on Teaching Self-Efficacy
  • Matthew (Quinn) Zoeller: Cohort Method: A Qualitative Experience of Sustainable Professional Development for a Small School

The whole session will last about 1 hour and a half, although you can drop by or leave the session at any time. It will be a Structured Poster Session format.

6:00-6:10 pm  Introduction

6:10-6:20 pm  Each student will give an overview of the project (1 minute each).

6:20-7:10 pm  Rotations will be encouraged around the room in gallery format for about 50 minutes.

7:10-7:30 pm  The last 20 minutes will be devoted to Q & A as a whole group.

Food will be provided.

There is no “Orientation for Thesis and Applied Projects” planned this spring semester. After the poster presentation, we will check in with everyone and provide information about your capstone projects (thesis or applied projects).

We appreciate committee members’ advising and sharing ideas and expertise:
Ruben Anguiano, Kristen Bjork, John Cumming, Courtney Donovan, Erica Henningsen, Cassandra Howard, Jung-In Kim, Nancy Leech, Anayeli Lopez, Shelly Mahon, Patty Meek, Rachel Meyer, Samantha Moreno

Education and Human Development Graduating Students’ Poster Session – April 25, 6pm