What’s New in Academic Services?

A lot! Rebecca Schell has been promoted to Academic Services Manager! This promotion is long overdue and Rebecca’s experience and knowledge of university and SEHD practices will be invaluable as we continue to develop and refine our work toward ensuring student success. Also, Meredith Lopez moved into a new position as did Greg White from CPE. There will not be a new advisor hire, but there will be a new Academic Services Coordinator who will support the existing advisors as they take on increased numbers of students. Rebecca will supervise this new hire as well as maintaining her advising duties.

A search is already underway to hire for the newly created Academic Services Coordinator position. This position will support Academic Advising (35%), oversee the Student Learning Commons (15%), assist Recruitment and Outreach (15%), support Admissions and Graduation (15%), and provide administrative support (20%) for daily operations as well as supervising our work-study students.

Please join me in congratulating Rebecca on her new position!

-Sandy Mondragon, PhD