SEHD SAC Meeting
Thursday, January 11, 2018, 1:00 p.m. – 2:20 p.m.

Location: LSC 620

In Attendance: Rachel Cornelius, Shelley Gomez, Tony Romero, Bridget Sabo

Items To Discuss:

  • Diversity Committee Update (Lindsay Austin to email updates to SAC):
    • Had meeting with Dr. Allen
    • The SEHD Diversity Committee would be happy to send out a reminder to the SEHD for upcoming events, and to encourage more faculty and staff participation.
    • Add SEHD Staff Advisory Council sponsored events to faculty calendars
    • Co-sponsor events? For later discussion.
    • Action: Ask for support for upcoming events
  • Staff Advisory Council Elections:
    • Action: Lindsay Harn to write out email to SEHD staff for nominations / volunteers to join the Staff Advisory Council
  • Winter Party Debrief:
    • Date: Wednesday, December 13, 2017, Room 745 11:30-1:00
    • Food out of the room
    • Bring in extra tables and chairs from the library during set up
    • Find all the rectangle tables from 7th
    • Table set up was good – allowed space to move around
    • Maybe move the gift table for people to see and hear what is being opened
    • Open everything and start slicing food before event begins
    • Might not have needed the pumpkin pie and whipped cream
    • Need more silverware for the event
    • Timing was good – finals week was good so the leftover food could be eaten
    • Get more strands of lights
    • Get more wrapping paper
    • Look in to gift card door prizes
    • Who’s Who game – presenter should have the answers on hand. Keep the blurbs short.
  • SEHD Staff & Faculty Summer BBQ:
    • Date: June 9, 2018. Location TBD. Action: Rachel, Lindsay, Tony are researching locations. Options so far are Cornerstone Park and Centennial Center Park, Ruby Hill Park.
        • Rachel will look up reservation processes for Cornerstone and Centennial center park
        • Lindsay researched Belleview park in Englewood but it might be too expensive
        • Must haves: large pavilion, bathrooms nearby, parking nearby, preferably a playground, easy to find, splash if possible!
        • Tony will research Ruby Hill park in DPS
        • Try to keep the rental under $100
        • DPS parks open for rental in February
  • Give back to the community event:
    • Action: Shelley will check with JaNet about CU Denver Staff Council event
    • Include student groups in community event. Action: Rachel to talk to HDFR class to ask about planned community service involvement.
  • Employee of the Month Nominations:
    • Nominee chosen. Action: Rachel to send out email to nominee’s supervisor and staff for support of nomination.
  • PD Fund Requests:
    • Deadline for Spring PD requests: March 20, 2018. Requests before March 20th will be considered.
    • Requests Approved by SAC:
      • Tracy – Approved for $500. Action: Tony will send to the dean for signature and will communicate with Tracy, Christine and Daisy
  • Marlinda – Approved for $500. Action: Tony will send to the dean for signature and will communicate with Marlinda, Barbara and Daisy
  • Follow up Action Items:
    • Faculty Meeting recap. Action: Lindsay Harn to send out email
    • IDEA: Post in IMPACT/SAC information updates highlighting various program areas.
      • Action: Rachel’s student employees to have interviews with different areas of SEHD and post to impact. Here is what they do and who they are.
          • Photo Directory Photo Day. Action: Lindsay will coordinate for the SP18 term
  • Lunch and Learns? YAY or NAY?
    • The PD opportunities that we offer have replaced these lunch and learns
  • Recognition: Birthdays, OTMs, Promotions, anniversaries, new employees
    • Put the birthdays on Impact. Action: Rachel to send new employees a template to fill out and then send to Bridget to post on Impact
    • Does the budget provide for a Dean to take out those who win OTM or promoted?
    • Consider birthday club and possibly discuss at March staff meeting
    • Action: Rachel to have student employees make door signs for new employees
    • Action: Rachel to contact new employees Lorrie Vigil, Dr. Linda Bowman, Dr. Rachel Stein, and Daisy Salazar to have them complete the new employee template and give to Bridget to post to Impact
    • Action: Bridget to post birthday recognition to Impact at the beginning of each month
  • Employee of the Month:
    • JaNet can provide the nominations submitted. How shall we handle it?
      • If you are nominated but don’t win, do you roll over to the next quarter?
      • We would like to provide copy of nominations to give to the SEHD employees who are nominated but do not win
  • Anniversaries: 5, 10, 15 and 20+within past year
      • Perhaps a message from the Dean?
      • Make certificates. Post on doors, announce at retreat
      • Make an Impact post

Future Planning for AY 17-18

      • Community Service Event?
        • Faculty members had suggested a party outside or work. Action: Rachel will ask if faculty wants to plan the party
    • MARCH
      • Spring Semester Staff Meeting: Wednesday, March 14th, 10:00am -11:30 pm. Room 745
      • SEHD Staff Photo Directory Photo Day
    • APRIL
      • Upcoming PD event: Stress Management talk sponsored by the Counseling Center. Will be help in April. Action: Bridget organizing the event. Has already spoken with Counseling Center and details will be finalized in January 2018. Will send out survey to staff to check for dates with most availability
    • MAY
      • 5/2/18 – Room PLA#3 available! Action: Rachel
    • JUNE
      • 4th Annual Summer BBQ, June 9th . Location TBD
  • Possible Parks:
Urban Barnum Park $97 100 10 1 Yes 5th Ave Parking Lot
Urban Bear Creek Park $97 100 9 1 No Includes 5 tables un-sheltered
Mountain Bergen Park $97 35 6 1 No
Urban Central Park $97 100 12 3 Yes East Parking Lot at Beeler St
Urban Cook Park $97 125 8 2 No By Playground
Urban Eisenhower Park $97 100 7 1 No Playground Area
Mountain Genesee Park (below) 300 13 5 Yes
Urban Great Lawn $97 45 8 2 No South, near Playgrounds
Mountain Newton Juvenile Park (below) 175 19 1 Yes
Mountain Newton Stromberg (below) 300 37 1 Yes
Urban Ruby Hill Park $97 50 7 0 Yes Pavilion; only available 5am-6pm daily
Urban Ruby Hill Park $97 60 10 0 Yes Pavilion; only available 5am-6pm daily
Urban Ruby Hill Park $97 50 7 0 Yes Pavilion; only available 5am-6pm daily
Urban Silverman $97 125 6 0 No
Urban Sloan’s Lake Park $97 50 10 3 No 17th & Utica
Urban Thomas (Fred) Park $97 100 10 2 No



Jessica Responsibilities – REMINDER

General web updates for any of the other SAC pages (PD fund, About Us, etc. as needed) Bridget

Review/Organize the SEHD Staff Council Email periodically – Rachel

Schedule our SAC monthly meetings – Rachel

Write the agenda – Rachel

Schedule rooms – Rachel

Keep us moving on initiatives – Rachel

Take notes at our meetings Bridget

Update the TYYMMD section of our website Bridget

Upload our meeting minutes to Impact – Bridget

Get the Dean’s approval for PD requests and send out approval notices to staff –Tony

Let SAC know of new hires – Shelley will contact Tricia

Update the staff directory with new hires and pictures – Lindsay


SEHD Staff Advisory Council Meeting Minutes