April 18, 2017 – SAC Meeting Minutes


SEHD SAC Meeting
Tuesday, April 18, 2017 at 3p.m.
Location: Lawrence Street Center, Room 620
In Attendance: Jessica Coon, Rachel Cornelius, Shelley Gomez, Lindsay Harn, Tony Romero, Bridget Sabo

Items Discussed

  • Diversity Committee Follow-up
    • Remember to invite Lindsay in the future….[JESSICA]
    • RACHEL: Send TYYMMD to Amy for Lindsay’s flowers
  • April – Lunch N’Learn DiSC Training Debrief
    • Well attended, well received (100% attendance).
    • Perhaps have one planned in-house PD opportunity in Fall and Spring.
  • JESSICA: Maybe have SAC Feedback Form on Impact we could use as a “virtual comment box” that we continually plug asking for ideas—i.e. employee of the month nominations, social activities, PD opportunities?
    • Leave it anonymous
  • TONY: to send out social survey questions
  • Calendar news—send to Kelly Ragland, she can enter into Impact, pops up in Impact that day, and sends out automatic reminders as the event gets closer. Maybe populate social events that faculty would also be welcome too.
  • Some annual social event in the spring semester?? Perhaps about March as we have winter party and Halloween chomp in the fall.
  • June 17th— 3rd Annual Staff BBQ
    • Sloan Lake , will need to provide a detailed map
    • Catering Thoughts? Research food trucks, Yak N Yeti? Little India?
    • Be prepared for WIND!
    • RACHEL: Theme? Tibetan/Indian
    • CU in the Park
    • We’ll provide ICE, drinks, desserts and decorations, coolers and games.
    • Work Study Students: Save-the-dates, paper invitation, posting on the door, evites will be the official RSVP
    • SHELLEY: Shade pavilion inquiry, balloons tied to tables to help mark ours??
  • Future Planning?
    • Elections in the fall, ask Kelly Ragland to gauge interest, Chris R.?
  • Employee of the Month Nomination
  • Follow up Action Items:
    • BRIDGET: Self-Defense Course Opportunity as a Fall Lunch N’ Learn
    • IDEA: Post in IMPACT/SAC information updates highlighting various program areas?
  • Review any PD Fund Requests
    • TONY: To advertise on Impact – we still have PD funds remaining at the end of the year.
  • Host a welcome back/thank you Dorothy (ice cream social?) in June…could be potluck style. Let’s loop in JaNet and Kelly for assistance.
  • Work anniversaries to announce at the retreat, to post on doors.
    • Perhaps a message from the dean?
    • Brainstorm on what we could do, when, how often, etc. Bring ideas to next meeting.