January 12, 2017 – SAC Meeting Minutes


SEHD SAC Meeting
Thursday, January 12 2017 at 3p.m.
Location: Lawrence Street Center, Room 620
In Attendance: Jessica Coon, Shelley Gomez, Lindsay Harn, Tony Romero, Bridget Sabo

Items To Discuss

  • Melissa Burrows is leaving the university, her last day will be January 27.
    • Will host a farewell lunch
  • Calendar of Events:
    • Debrief December
      • Cookie Exchange – Dec 5 at noon (for next year), add in a decorate door/office contest
      • Winter Party (745 is a great room)
        • Very few faculty, Dorothy was the only AD in attendance
        • Pick a date now? December 13? Publish on faculty calendar, Outlook SEHD calendar, Reserve room
        • More tables??? Maybe push food to lobby area.
      • January
        • Community Service (Shelley)
          • 13 slots left for the morning of the campus-wide staff council
          • Shelley to advertise to staff on 1/13
        • Staff of the Month Nomination
          • Bolormaa Begzsuren
        • February
          • Annual candygram fundraiser! (Rachel to lead with her work-study students)
          • February 14 – Lunch N Learn (Team Building)
            • Tony will research to see if there is something
          • February 9 – 3p? SAC Meeting (invite Diversity Team & Dean & Dorothy)
            • Possible lead in to a lunch n’ learn?
            • Ask why there isn’t a staff member on the diversity committee
            • Discuss lack of relevancy towards staff
            • Staff always feel like an ‘after thought’
            • Invite them to our next SAC meeting in February before our March meeting, solicit feedback and thoughts from staff to bring to this
            • Do we want to invite the dean to discuss relevancy of staff meetings? Possible Zoom invite.
            • Get some dates from them that will work for attending March Staff Meeting, coordinate also with Tech Team (not week of spring break)
            • Diversity Team: Aswad, Amy, Lori Ryan, Luis (consult Impact for completeness)
          • March –Staff Meeting (date is TBD)
            • Tech Team wants to present
            • Diversity Team wants to present
          • April – Lunch N’Learn
          • June— 3rd Annual Staff BBQ
            • See if we can get Sloane’s Lake (Rachel?)
          • Lunch N Learn Planning
          • Follow up Action Items:
            • IDEA: Self-Defense Course?
            • IDEA: Post in IMPACT/SAC information updates highlighting various program areas?
          • Review PD Fund Requests
            • Pyramid Plus Award Amounts
              • Ben Riepe – $500
              • Johanna Wasser – Request withdrawn
              • Robin Levy – $500
              • Kalah Thorson – $475
            • Bridget Sabo
              • $499 approval
              • Move all requests to Dorothy if Dean isn’t in for approval.
            • Policies?
              • Lindsay: to update PD funding use in reports and charts for the deans
              • Jessica: Ask dean re: CPE course qualify for PD? It does not qualify for tuition benefit.