October 04, 2016 – SAC Meetings Minutes

SEHD SAC Meeting
Tuesday, October 4 2016 at 3p.m.
Location: Lawrence Street Center, Room 620
In Attendance: Melissa Burrows, Jessica Coon, Rachel Cornelius, Shelley Gomez, Tony Romero, Bridget Sabo

Items To Discuss

  • Welcome New SAC Council Members (Yay!)
    • Bridget Sabo
    • Tony Romero
  • Lunch N Learns (Lets Get Planning!)
    • We duscussed hosting Lunch N Learns twice a year, once in Fall & Spring to supplement the times in between staff meetings. These lunch events are optional for staff.
    • Lunch N Learns are designed to cover both professional and non-work topics, this year our fall event will be non-work related. We plan on a Holiday Planning discussion in November.
    • Ricciardi suggested hosting a “Strengths Based Training” from the Career Center, the SAC plans to host something along this vein during the Spring semester.
  • Staff of the Month – Outreach
    • We will begin monthly nominations of SEHD members and submit them for the University Employee of the Month
    • It will be our goal to nominate every SEHD employee at least once
    • We will seek supervisor clearance before asking if an employee can be nominated
  • Kitchen Cleaning – Monthly Email/TYYMMD Reward
    • An email template was created to notify those on kitchen cleaning duty that they would be awarded a TYYMMD to be entered into the gift card drawing at our next staff meeting
    • Wording on the TYYMMD
      • “you have gone above and beyond by volunteering to clean up after other people’s messes! Thank you for being our kitchen cleaning hero last month on the __ floor!”
    • Sending a TYYMMD for those who clean the kitchen is a way for an employee to receive one without having to wait to be awarded one. We recognize there are some roles that interact with few people and may never receive a card. Using this approach, there is a way for anyone to receive a TYYMMD card.
  • Calendar of Events:
    • October
      • Monday, October 31 Halloween Chomp (Potluck)
        • Rachel to create flyers and WS to post
        • Don’t forget to promote candygram fundraisers!
    • November
      • November 3, next SAC meeting
      • November 17, Lunch N Learn (Holiday Planning)
    • December
      • December 14, Winter Party
        • 9:30 setup! Bring extra help if you can!
    • February
      • February 2 – Lunch N Learn (Team Building)
    • March – Staff Meeting (date is TBD)