All Staff Meeting – What Did you Miss??


If you missed out on the SEHD All Staff Meeting and Ice Cream Social yesterday, never fear! Ice cream toppings and leftovers are available in the 6th floor fridge and freezer. You can also read minutes of things you may have missed on the SEHD Staff Advisory Council webpage. The minutes aren’t entirely comprehensive, to get all of the FUN and the KNOWLEDGE please be sure to attend in person! Unfortunately, we had a handful of staff selected in our TYYMMD gift card drawing that were not awarded their prize as they were not present to win. 🙁

However, these lucky EIGHT winners each received a $10 Amazon gift card for using our Thank You! You Made My Day! employee recognition form:

  • Theo Zion
  • Marlinda Hines
  • Lindsay Austin
  • Timothy Halliday
  • Shakira Anderson
  • JaNet Hurt
  • Rebecca Schell
  • Erin Linenberger

We want to promote a culture of appreciation in the SEHD. If someone has made your day, let them know! Participants are automatically entered into a gift card drawing at our next staff meeting.

If you were unable to attend the meeting, we missed you! Stay tuned for additional events from your Staff Council. We will begin candygram fundraising for Halloween next month!