What’s The Story?

Employee Services spent several years preparing for an upgrade to university HR, Recruiting (CU Careers) and Finance systems. Anticipation for these systems was immense as the upgrade was heavily marketed and we were shown how our jobs would be streamlined and processes would be more efficient. Many training courses were held and we believed the upgrade would deliver a superior product.

Unfortunately, since the upgrade in December 2015, this has not been the case and the university has acknowledged that the project did not meet its goals.

Any Relief In Sight?

The university has taken many measures to problem solve, create workarounds, and create a plan for improvement. New staff have been hired. New leadership has been acquired. New consulting groups have been brought in. Change is underway, but we have been told that it will take approximately 18 more months to get our systems back to an acceptable state. 

What Does This Mean?

Processes have slowed down considerably and yet the need for HR support has increased to unprecedented levels within our school. We simply ask you keep this under consideration when requesting a hire, promotion, search, or submitting any other HR-related request. It is not uncommon to experience delays, especially during high volume times such as the start of a semester.

Thank you for your support as we endure the long, slow (and quite often painful), process of getting back to a good place with our systems!



Expect Delays – HR Systems Still Affected
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