NEW! Hiring Process for Students

Effectively immediately, the option to select a hire date for your new Student Assistant, Graduate Assistant or Research Assistant will be removed from our Impact hiring forms. The hire date will be negotiated between SEHD HR and the supervisor, but at minimum these two critria must be met before a student can start work:

  • The student must have passed a background check
  • The student must have set up a meeting to complete their hiring paperwork with SEHD HR

We understand that everyone would like their students hired immediately; however, our office has received 28+ new student hire requests, 15 TA hire requests (and counting!) for the fall semester, as well as our new lecturers, faculty, and staff hires (~20). We simply cannot accommodate the 2-3 business day turnaround times that are often being requested on our forms.

We appreciate your patience as we work as quickly as possible to onboard your new hires, but please realize there may be delays due to the large volume of hires to be processed during the start of each semester.

Thank you for your understanding!