Minutes: Quarterly Staff Meeting 2.24.15

SEHD Quarterly Staff Meeting

Tuesday, February 24 from 11:30-1p.m.

Location: Lawrence Street Center 1150

Attendance: Agena, Anderson, Burrows, Carroll, Clark, Coon, Cornelius, Cummings, Detrie, Emerson, Haug, Hines, Hurt, Kelm, Levy, Linenberger, Lopez, Nimer, Schell, Snyder-Mondragon, Frisk, Harn, Halliday, Zion, Navarro-Gomez, Madera, Ponton, Sarcedo, Hallett, Riepe, Ball, Gallegos

What’s New with the SAC

  • Employee Recognition Committee
    • Recognition Council is now a committee of the SAC and is now the Recognition Committee
    • Thank You, You Made My Day cards are back up again with a few upcoming changes
      • Will create an online form to submit commendations online 
      • Givers & Receivers will both be recognized and submitted in a drawing for a gift card
      • Will establish a webpage on the SAC site for employee recognition to be posted publically
  • Summer BBQ
    • It was voted that a BBQ should be held during the month of June at Rocky Mountain Lake Park. A doodle poll will follow to establish a date.
  • SAC
    • SAC Roles are:
      • Vice-Chairs -Michelle Nimer & Melissa Burrows
      • Treasurer – Lindsay Harn
      • Secretary – Jessica Coon
      • At-Large/Head of Recognition Committee – Rachel Cornelius
    • Our Purpose: to be a liaison between staff and management, to better working relationships among staff and faculty, to help staff grow and improve.
    • Professional Development Funds are still available—please apply online!

Updates in the SEHD

  • New Hire Introductions
    • Joe Madera, started January 12 as the NxtGEN Urban Recruiter
    • Paula Gallegos, started January 1 as the NxtGEN Residency Undergraduate Coordinator
    • Susan Detrie, Started January 19 as the Instructional Technologist/Project Coordinator on the eCALLMS grant
    • Vanessa Navarro-Gomez, started a part-time staff position in December as a Project Coordinator on the NxtGEN grant
  • Changes in the SEHD?
  • SEHD is hosting their first Alumni Event
    • Deserae Frisk is leaving the department for entrepreneurial work
    • Melissa Burrows is working on a project that will add informational pieces to the hallways of the SEHD. If you have any information you think should be included, contact her.
    • Aswad Allen will be hosting a golf tournament this summer.
    • A branding team is working on refining/developing our department’s brand
  • Information submitted after the meeting:
    • Erin Linenberger to be promoted to Admin Assistant II
    • Scarlett and Meredith, with the aid of professional development funds, were able to attend the Appreciative Advising Conference hosted in January. As a result, they have been able to secure the director of the conference to come and speak at our campus on March 9. Registration is required: http://bit.ly/Appreciative2015.

Brainstorming Activity

  • Staff met and brainstormed ideas regarding professional development opportunities (both personal and professional), department improvement ideas, as well as overall feedback.


  • SAC can only help staff to the extent that staff open up to the council—we are here for you!