Update-Cleaning Up the Copy Code List

We are currently working on cleaning up our copy code list. The list has over 1,000 copy codes as it hasn’t been updated in over twelve years (or possibly more). We are trying to reduce the number of copy codes to ease the administrative work, but also to clean up the amount of data on each copy machine. Most staff will continue to use the same copy code for their copying/printing as copy codes for administrative units have been centralized for the most part. However, faculty will have different copy codes. A copy code will be sent out to all administrative and program managers by the end of this week so that they can share with their units/programs. Please start using the new copy code once you have it. We plan to have all of the old copy codes deleted by Friday, May 19th.


If you have any questions or if you forget or lose your copy code, please feel free to reach out the SEHD Finance team at sehdfinance@ucdenver.edu .