Student Committee Notes – 4/17/23

SEHD Student Committee


  1. Julia Cummings attended to discuss celebrating and recognizing graduating students.
    1. They are looking for stories of persistence and success.
    2. The university selected LaTierra Greene for a focused story (undergraduate teacher education grad).
    3. Julia contacts all the outstanding graduates selected from the SEHD programs and collects pictures. She then features them on social media platforms.
    4. The committee needs to review the form we are using. It is outdated. The university is interested in post-graduation plans, if they were a transfer student, or an international student, etc. Those kinds of details increase the likelihood that students will be selected by UCOMM for a focused story.
    5. The committee discussed strategies for getting outstanding graduate nominations from the EdD and PhD programs. The PsyD program always selects an outstanding graduate.
  2. Nomination form changes
    1. We want this information for all nominations. Change it to state that questions 1-6 are for all nominees not just master’s nominees. This information will help Julia in working with UCOMM.
    2. Proposal to eliminate the critical thinking question and the contribution to the discipline/field.
    3. Proposal to add questions on persistence in their education and being change agents in the community.
    4. The committee will work on a draft of the revised form and once agreed upon, Rebecca will submit it to SEHD Help to request the changes.
    5. The goal is to collect information that will help create a story on social media.
  3. Scholarship Review (questions, updates, timelines)
    1. We have 43 applications to review. Applications are pre-screened by the system.
    2. There will be two reviews for each one divided up so that each committee member will review about 11.
    3. Deadline to review is April 30. Caron will submit to Sandy on May 1
  4. Student Committee members for (2023-24 – who will continue, who will be moving on)
    1. Lucinda is completing her fourth year.
    2. Caron, Josh, Sofia and Elena will continue next year.
    3. We will have two new committee members.
    4. Caron is willing to continue as the chair. Elena is willing to continue as the recorder.